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Child Custody Toolkit [Digital Product]

Child Custody Toolkit [Digital Product]

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How will I keep all these custody papers organized?

How am I going to be confident and prepared for the next custody hearing?

Am I keeping the right information?

Will I have it handy for court?

Am I doing what's best for my child?

These are the questions many ask when facing an unwanted custody hearing.

When I was going back to court for a hearing after my divorce, I knew a simple two-pocket folder would not be enough to hold all the papers, keep me organized, and prepare me for that hearing. I was scared and felt very alone! That's when I created my divorce, custody, and (single) mom binder.

What I found amazed me... I was confident in court, had what I needed handy when asked, and actually walked away from the last hearing feeling like I won (if anyone actually wins in family court) even though I compromised in the end. I had all the documentation ready when lies were told. It wasn't my word against his because I had it all documented and ready to share.

This child custody tool kit was created out of the need to document information for any further custody hearings. I've been to those hearings so many times I know what they're looking for. Most courts want to see the truth about the situation to make the best decision for the child. Your job as the parent is to supply all that information. With this toolkit, you can create your custody binder and have everything ready to go in court to prove your case.

You cannot be too prepared or too organized for your custody hearing!

The digital kit (PDF downloadable and printable pages) includes every page needed to create your own Child Custody Binder – a resourceful tool for surviving and thriving while co-parenting after divorce or facing an unwanted custody hearing.

No more disorganization and lack of preparation... now you have a Child Custody Binder to help you with all things court-related, visitation, and more!


25 downloadable PDF printable pages to help you co-parent with peace, stay organized, prepared for court with confidence, and thrive as a single parent. 

All the digital* pages you need to create your own Child Custody Binder within seconds of purchase:

  • Custody Binder Cover (x2) Pages
  • Divider Covers x4 (Documentation, Court Orders, Parenting Time, Child Support
  • To Do List (x2) Pages
  • What's Best for the Child (List) Sheet
  • Child Support Tracker Sheet
  • Important Contact Numbers Sheet
  • Important Contact Emails Sheet
  • Incidents of Contempt (Documentation) Sheet
  • Upcoming Court Dates (Prepare/Take) Sheet
  • Missed Visitation / Make-Up Time Shee
  • Past Court Appearances Sheet
  • Agreements Location Sheet
  • Parenting Time Schedule (Year at a Glance) Sheet
  • Vacation Schedule (x2) Sheets
  • Vacation Time Sheet
  • Child Information Sheet (Easier Parent-to-Parent Transitions with littles)
  • Notes (x2) Pages
  • Lined blank checklist
  • NEW Phone Conversation Log

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