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Divorce Survival Toolkit [Digital Product]

Divorce Survival Toolkit [Digital Product]

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How will I keep all these divorce papers organized?

How am I going to be confident and prepared to speak with a lawyer or for the next hearing?

Am I collecting and keeping the right information?

Will I have it all handy for court?

These are the questions many ask when facing divorce.

When I was going to court for a hearing, I knew a simple two-pocket folder would not be enough to hold all the papers, keep me organized, and prepare me for that hearing. I was scared and felt very alone! That's when I created my divorce, custody, and (single) mom binder.

What I found amazed me... I was confident in court, had what I needed handy when asked, and actually walked away from that hearing feeling like I won (if anyone actually wins in family court) even though I compromised in the end. I had all the documentation ready when lies were told. It wasn't my word against his because I had it all documented and ready to share. And lawyers and the court officials were impressed by my binder!

Before creating this divorce survival tool kit, I met with the head lawyer of his own law practice who has been handling family law and divorce cases for over 13 years. I sat down with him for over an hour discussing what women should bring with them to their first appointment and what would be the best way to handle a divorce case – of course, he said having all the needed paperwork and a binder for each hearing is such a tremendous help. All that needed information is included in this tool kit! You are saving yourself time and money by purchasing this tool kit to create your own divorce binder! Less you're paying your lawyer to tell you what to collect and how to get it organized for him or her.

You cannot be too prepared or too organized for the divorce survival journey and the child custody hearings!

The digital kit (PDF downloadable and printable pages) includes every page needed to create your own Divorce Binder––a resourceful tool for surviving and thriving during and after divorce.

No more disorganization and lack of preparation... now you have a divorce binder to help you at lawyer's meetings, during court hearings, and more!


24 downloadable PDF printable pages to help you face your divorce trial with confidence, stay organized and survive this divorce.

All the digital* pages you need to create your own Divorce Binder within minutes after you complete your purchase:

  • Divorce Binder Cover x2
  • Divider Covers x4 (Prepare, To-Do Lists, Financial, Notes)
  • To Do List
  • Household Expenses Collector
  • Home Inventory (Possessions)
  • What's Most Important to Me (List)
  • Prepare: Talking to a Lawyer
  • Prepare: Questions to Ask
  • Important Contact Numbers
  • Important Contact Emails
  • Court Dates (Prepare/Take)
  • Reimbursement Tracker
  • Alimony Tracker
  • Documents Tracker
  • Notes x2
  • Lined blank checklist
  • NEW Phone Conversation Log

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*ATTENTION: This is a digital product so nothing will be postal mailed to you. Your address is only collected to process your credit card payment.

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                                    Customer Reviews

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                                    Get Organized

                                    I am near the end of my divorce and would have loved this in the beginning as a way to get organized. I have used it to write down names, numbers, and questions and thoughts. I keep it with my divorce folder that has all of my stuff in it. Like I said, I wish I would have had this in the beginning of my divorce to get organized but it has helped me by keeping everything in one place.

                                    Grace P.
                                    Helpful for Peace of Mind

                                    You don’t know what you don’t know. It was nice to have a sort of outline to do something so important without knowledge. I knew a lot from research but having it in one place definitely helped me feel more confident and less anxious because I felt I was doing my due diligence. I got the $35 basic divorce guide. Thank you Jen!

                                    Loved The "What’s Most Important To Me" Page

                                    I loved the idea of writing down what is important to me and while I didn't physically write anything down I did find the inclusion of the idea enough to get me thinking about what I want versus need after my divorce.