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"Easier Transitions" Printable PDF Sheets [Digital Product]

"Easier Transitions" Printable PDF Sheets [Digital Product]

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PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT add this to your cart if you're purchasing any of these other digital toolkits. This is only if you want to purchase them separately from the toolkits. Each sheet is INCLUDED in the Child Custody or the Single Mom Toolkits (one or the other) and both are included in the Ultimate Divorce Preparation Bundle (THE BEST VALUE!!).

I remember what it was like to hand off my baby or young child to their father, knowing he didn't know when they ate, how much, when they needed their next dose of medication or even a nap. It can be very scary co-parenting with someone you can barely speak to, let alone convey what is going on in your baby or young child's life. I fully support online co-parenting systems to communicate but what happens if the other parent refuses to hear or check the system's calendar??

That's why I created these sheets!!

To help make the transition from parent to parent an easier one when the child can't speak for themselves. If both parents are on board with this printable sheet system, even better.



Two (2) downloadable PDF printable pages to help you co-parent with peace, and feel much less stress, as you thrive as a single parent.

Includes the Child Information Sheet (for a baby to a young child) and the Kids' Activities Sheet (For Easier Parent-to-Parent Transitions) until children are fully able to speak for themselves. Print these as many times as needed; either in color or in black & white.

A peacekeeper and a lifesaver!!

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